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07-12-2002, 04:48 AM
Originally posted by Johnnie
Just last week I had the privlege of meeting up with the author of the most complete comprehensive book ever written on the most famous western figure in American history "Wyatt Earp".

As I was admiring the cover of this 950 + page book the author and good friend Mr. Lee Silva handed me my own personal autographed copy, and as I was thanking him,for the great years of friendship wishing him great luck with this book a line formed and when I returned 3hrs. later the auther Mr. silva comented that sales on the book have been non stop.

So if you history "buffs" want to get your copy of this great book, get on the list for a rush delivery A.S.A.P. while supplys last.

Here is the address
The Relic Room
P.O. Box 556
Sunset Beach Calif.

Tel # (562) 443-1294