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06-10-1999, 06:47 PM
Originally posted by Ellis Feaster

: I am planning a trip out west to do some Ghost Towning in early July. I plan to take a circular route from Vegas, up I-15 to SLC, west on I-80 to Reno, then snake back to vegas along the California-Nevada Border. I'm planning to stay in Hotles & Motels along the way. I figure I shouldn't have any problems getting rooms in Ceadar City, Salt Lake, Wendover, or Reno. I don't know what to expect on the Reno to Vegas leg of the trip. Is it easy to find a room for the night in West Central Nevada? If there are places, can I just drive and stop at the end of the day and expect to find a room, or do you really need reservations when traveling in this area?

: Ellis

06-10-1999, 11:32 PM
Originally posted by David A. Wright


: Saw your posting on ghosttowns.com regarding hotel/motel info in west central Nevada. As for accomidations, it depends on the route you plan to take when you said "snake back to vegas along the California-Nevada Border."

: Do you plan on traveling US395 or US95, the two primary routes running through the region? Or do you plan on traveling down a series of interconnecting state highways?

: Generally you should have no trouble getting rooms at such towns such as Hawthorne, NV, Tonopah, NV and Beatty, NV. All of these are accessible on US95, the primary route between Reno and Las Vegas. All of these towns have reasonably large casino/hotel complexes with 20 rooms and more.

: If you choose US395, which runs south from Reno into eastern California, there are hotels in most every town along the way, as it is a popular resort corridor running through the Sierra Nevada region. The primary towns you would encounter are (south from Reno): Carson City, NV; Gardnerville/Minden, NV; Topaz Lake, NV/CA (casinos at the border); Walker, CA; Bridgeport, CA (the very popular and photogenic ghost town of Bodie is 20 miles SE of here); Lee Vining, CA (eastern gateway to Yosemite National Park); June Lake, CA (very scenic and great fishing); Mammoth Lakes, CA (one of California's premier ski resorts); Bishop, CA (all facilities available); Big Pine, CA (nice small town and my 2nd home - also best byway into Death Valley country); Independence, CA; Lone Pine, CA (another gateway into Death Valley); Ridgecrest, CA (yet another gateway into Death Valley - and my primary home). Beyond that, US395 goes into the Mojave Desert and eventually ends at I-15 near Victorville, CA (it used to run to San Diego, but now is supplanted by I-15).

: As for the route to Reno, may I suggest using US50 instead of I-80. The I-80 route is boring in the extreme, as it bypasses the towns it runs through and is basically featureless scenery wise. It is also heavily traveled and you'd spend most of your time staring at the back of a semi-truck. US50 can also be used to access Reno and runs through a variety of countryside from forested mountains to desert valleys. Traffic is minimal and you can spot a variety of animal life, such as wild horses. US50 also runs through historically rich towns such as Ely, Eureka and Austin, NV. At the town of Fallon, it splits and you can go straight to Carson City or to Reno.

: Roads in the region are very good, paved highways. Many ghost towns are located on dirt roads, many of which are regularly bladed by their respective counties. Some ghost towns, however, are in 4x4 territory. I took a 7 day circular tour of ghost towns in southern, central, east and west central part of Nevada (many of the photos I took on the trip are posted on the website) and had no trouble with any roads (I do, however, have a 4x4 pickup truck), the vast majority were recently bladed, several I passed the county road crews working on them.

: If you are an Auto Club or AAA member, I would suggest obtaining their copy of Nevada/California for detailed info on hotels and prices. Also try locating a copy of NEVADA HANDBOOK, by Deke Castleman; THE COMPLETE NEVADA TRAVELER, by David W. Toll; or TOURING NEVADA, by Mary Ellen and Al Glass. These books should be available on the Internet. With these books and the AAA guide you should have a zillion and one "must see" locations to make your trip much more enjoyable.

: I hope this gives you more to go on.


: David A. Wright

: Great Basin Research - Ridgecrest, CA

06-11-1999, 03:43 PM
Originally posted by Ellis B Feaster

: Thanks for the info! I will ditch I-80 in favor of US 50, and visit AAA this weekend!


: Ellis B.