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06-10-1999, 09:50 PM
Originally posted by Kristin

: The May issue of National Geographic featured a brief, 5-page article about the Oakland Museum of Art's gold rush daguerreotype exhibition, which will be visiting the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento from August 13 through October 10.

: I looked up the Oakland Museum and found this site:

: http://www.museumca.org/goldrush/silver-native.html

: which presents several images from the collection, along with historical information. The site also contains information regarding other shows traveling throughout California.

: The daguerreotype show, I think, is especially intriguing, as the daguerreotypes were used to document this short-lived historical era, and then they too were replaced by new methods of photography. So, in a way, the images themselves are like 2-dimensional ghost towns.

: Anyway, thought someone might be interested in visiting either the real-life show, or the virtual one.

06-11-1999, 12:51 AM
Originally posted by correction by Kristin

: Hey, before anyone gets too excited about the "brief, 5-page article" in National Geographic, I meant "5-paragraph." Sorry, folks. My message kept disappearing into wherever these things disappear to, so by the time I retyped it 3 times…you know the story.