View Full Version : Ghost towns in Missouri?

06-18-1999, 01:27 PM
Originally posted by Jennifer Furey

: I know, I've looked at this page and the archive and there's a couple mentioned: Unionville and Dupont, both of which I will look up.

: I also know of a town that may qualify--Neely's Landing in Cape Girardeau County. Some people still live there, but there's also a bunch of empty businesses and (somewhere) a mass grave of 100 or so people who died in a riverboat explosion (NL is right on the river).

: I would be interested in any that are in the "Lead Belt" of the state. It seems there must be SOME. And, it would be closer to my location in St. Louis. Anything in the Lead Belt or the middle third of the state (Crawford, Franklin counties) wuld be appreciated. Please post here or e-mail me.

: Jennifer