View Full Version : Ladoga, Missouri, Harrison County

03-05-2004, 02:45 PM
Ladoga is a rumored burg of indeterminate size on the Thompson River spur called Trail Creek. It was to have been located directly south of Mt. Moriah about 2 miles and to have had a ferry to cross the stream when full.

How do I go about proving its existence and locating it for archeological data and who lived there and when?

I did locate an Indian fire bowl made of half rocks about 8 to 10 inches around on the bank of a stream, but it unfortunately washed away in a storm. The rocks were glazed from having held hot coals on a regular basis and were turned inward to form a round flat surface like cut like half potatoes.

Jo Shipley had an article in the Bethany Paper in the 1960s about the town, but no more is known.