View Full Version : olinghouse NV update

06-10-2004, 09:33 PM
Earlier this week, while out with my wife searching for a local woman who was reported missing (wife's friend's mother) I was so close to Olinghouse that I decided it couldn't hurt to drive up the canyon and check it out.

"Private Property, No Tresspassing" signs have been excessively posted throughout the area. However after driving up the canyon past all the buildings, I turned around and headed back down, stopping right in the middle of the town. We took a short break there of about 10 minutes or so, getting out, walking around just to stretch. Not once did I see a single person! There was a much more recent building fenced off that looks to have been part of the strip mining going on in the area.

After all of the horror stories about people being asked to leave at gunpoint, I was rather disheartened to see not a single soul. I thought perhaps I was there on a day when everyone was gone or something. I wanted very much to go check out the mine, but not having any of my gear, decided it would be better not to. SO......In the rare event that this town HAS been totally abandoned (which I still doubt) would anyone else like to plan a trip out there with me?