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07-31-2004, 03:41 PM
I'm looking for anyone who has any information on Enterprise, Florida. I visited there today with moderate success in locating some of the landmarks, but others eluded me. I have a feeling the area has changed and a lot of what I was looking for was probably covered in very dense growth.

Interesting note: a lot of "Save Enterprise" stickers have appeared on any signs for lots that are up for sale. It seems a lot of locals are interested in preserving the history of the area.

08-02-2004, 04:43 AM
I didn't see your forum post until now.

I believe that the old slave cemetary talked about on the ghosttowns page on Enterprise is really the black cemetery of the old town "Garfield." Garfield is listed as a seperate ghost town on this website, but it was really an off shoot of Enterprise made by the local blacks back in the day. Eventually, Garfield the town died away. Enterprise, during it's heyday, was expected to become the county seat and center of life for Volusia county. That never happened.

Anyway, if you take Lakeshore drive East, there is a road called "Garfield" that runs North off of Lakeshore. This is where the town of Garfield was.

There is an old cemetery for the town of Garfield on Panama Ct, but I don't know if it's the same "slave" cemetery ghost towns talks about.

And the local citizens are worried about growth and are fighting to preserve what little they have.

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01-20-2007, 07:36 PM
I was just at the Enterprise/Garfield area in december (2006). The graveyard is at the corner of Panama Court and Saxon Blvd (this is at the very end of Saxon Blvd). The area is heavily overgrown and there are no pathways to the cemetary, which is somewhere right in the middle. My girlfriend and I were filming for a Ghost Town Hunting DVD, and as we were taping by the Saxon/Panama Ct sign, a local resident drove up in his truck. He asked if we were planning to buy the property, then said it cant be sold because there is a graveyard in it, confirming the area we suspected it to be in. He said there are no trails, and we wouldnt want to go in there because the place is full of "critters". Well, the only one we saw was a small gopher turtle, but anyway...