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09-20-2004, 03:53 AM
I will be traveling for four days this weekend visting Bodie and other sites. My only requirement for this trip is that I hit Bodie. I think I will even venture into Nevada. What other sites should I go see? I only have a 2WD.

High Desert Drifter
09-23-2004, 07:54 PM
You could try Auora Nv. but you will need to come in from the Elbow or in from Hawthorne Nv. The roads from these two locations are well graded. you may need to walk in the last mile depending on road conditions. There is a Matalic Mining company conducting operations just outside of the old townsite location, this will probably serve as your trail head to switch to foot power. I was there in May and the road was a bit rocky from that point on. You may be able to make it up to the Chemung Mine site but you better check in with the Bridgeport ranger first. The road was smooth when I was there in May and I did not need to activate 4x4. You probably will not be able to continue on much past the Chemung to Masonic because the road gets rough on the climb up and then down in to the Gulch. You could fart around by the Conway Ranch at the bottom of the Conway Summit. There are some ruins there as well as the Gulches to the north (Monoville). You will need to walk in to the areas north of the ranch site if you do not have 4x4. also stay on the trails in this area, the pumice sand is unforgiving and you will likely get stuck. Also keep an eye on your kids and dogs near the ranch area and surrounding gulches, I spotted a mountain lion here before.

Get yourself the map from the National Forest Service web site called "Toiyabe National Forest - Bridgeport Ranger District" it will show you all the trails and ruins are indicated by small squares on the map. There are a few other locations including hot springs that you could visit in this area. If you need some help send me a private message and I will contact you directly.

High Desert Drifter

09-24-2004, 04:50 PM
Berlin, Nevada.

I visited Bodie with two friends back in 1993 and on that same trip we also went to Berlin which is kind of a miniture Bodie.