View Full Version : Trementina, NM (for how long)

old judge
10-19-2004, 05:08 PM
For several decades, Trementina, NM has been an excellent place to visit. From the early 70's to the mid 90's little change took place. I visited in l995, and my son photographed the site in Spring, 2004. This turn of the century catholic settlement spans both sides of the Highway along Trementina Creek, about 4.5 miles NE of "new Trementina". There is now a rock hauling operation slicing through the site. No forbidding signs there in the 70s, nor in l995, nor the spring of 2004. Those there in 9/04 seem to relate to the rock hauling. The operation seems to be attempting to respect the site. The accompanying pics are from 9/04. Those wishing to visit this excellent historical site should google the location. E-mail info for site over-seers is available. OJ & his bride.