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10-29-2004, 09:04 AM
For over a half a century i have been interested in the old west and the pioneers that came out west in that search for a better life as my grandparents and others did, some came out to the big "Gold Rrush" of 1849 but some came out for health reasons what ever the reason these hardy pioneers made the journey out west has been documented for over a hundred years in books, films, videos, and now (T V) and satelite and cable programing.

My family and I over the years have tried to find and watch each and every film,and video and read up on every book available on the subject of the old west bcause our family find it so interesting as many thousands of other do.

For many years we have been lucky enough to tape many "aired" programs that were on regular (T V) and now with Satelite and Cable programing we have more access to these great programs. And do wish we could catch them all but always here about them to late, and try to see if the program is going to aired in the near future and having no luck.

Just like back in the early 1992 my Kids called me up to me to turn on National geographic, Channel because my dad expedition in Alaska was being aired and sure enough there he was on (T V) in 1917 in Alaska for the National Geographic. I did not have Blank tape at the time so I missed tapeing the program i spent hours on the phone trying to tracing down that film with no luck.

Over the years my friends have told me about some old west ghost town programs that were on and did I catch them, some I did some I missed for one reason or another, and this brings me to the main topic of this posting.

What do rest of "Ghost town adventures think of having a spcial section devoted to (what programs are on, and going to be on (t V) with the sujects that we talk about on this web-site you know (T V) guide just ghost towns buffs, like ourselves. Could this be done is there enough room on the web page we have no knowlege of commuters capilbility's?.

Your fellow ghosttowns
Johnnie & Sheila

10-29-2004, 10:44 AM
Sort of a inexpensive TiVo concept that us "old timers" can understand EH!

Perhaps people could post stuff like (History Channel - 8:00 PDT on Xday the Blah will have a segment on Such and such a ghosttown.

I've taped a few shows like our local PBS affiliate did a hour show on Gold Mountain in Elko County but I haven't figured out how to convert it, render it, a put it on a CD or DVD yet! Before I state I'd love to share, I'd need to know the legal implications (Copyright infringement, etc.) but sharing when and where such shows will appear so we can snarf the shows ourselves sounds GREAT!

old judge
10-29-2004, 10:46 AM
Johnnie,good idea. Looks to me like the current events category is kinda lightly used except leading up to a get together. Maybe that would be a good location to post upcoming programming, as it's noticed by various members. OJ

10-29-2004, 06:16 PM
Thanks Bob, and O.J. and all you other ghost town buffs, for your support. We have found the History Channel has aired programs on the old west, Kenny Rogers, nararates a segment on the real west on our satelite history station every monday at 4:am PST and do find that program very interesting,

But every once in a while other cable channels will air some ghost town story like the "Home channel" has something once in while as does "National Geographic channel" and once in while the Travel channel may air something on ghost towns. at this very moment the "Travel Channel" is airing a segment on haunted houses but what we like to whatch is the adventures to the mining towns of the old west we watched a real great segment a few months ago on the History Channel, of all the ghost towns in Colorado, and their pass history. Last year we caught a segment on the ghost town Bannack Montana. The one we like the most was about the "Cripple Creek" and this was on the "Biographic Channel," In this segment they told all about the people and their everyday experiences living and working in these old mining towns.

Maybe we could add a small "icon" of a saloon building, to the selections at the bottom of this page to add to someone's posting, we don't know if it can be done, just a thought. And this would mean to read this (posting guide) if your interested in watching a program related to ghosttowns because there is a program to be aired soon,

Thanks everybodys input.
Johnnie & sheila