View Full Version : Jean Bells request a couple days ago

10-31-2004, 06:04 AM
Jean Bell requested some help a couple days ago, If anyone could help her locate a town site by the name of Wooley, Colorado she stated in her post she had family there in 1910.

I myself could not find any town by that name we look on maps clear back to the 1880s and clear up to the 1930s with no luck, we found towns by simular names, There was a remote town by the name Woodrow N/E and S/E of Greedley, and there was a town named Woody Creek, and a Wood Park, but no Wooley, Colorado perhaps the name was change later on for one reason or other which often occured in the early west.

Maybe someone in the State of Colorado, can help Jean with her request.

Fellow Ghosttowners
Johnnie & Sheila