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11-20-2004, 10:38 PM
I am tryng to find out about the west area.Is their anything that happened out here?true we got a few western stories and some ghost towns.But, anything else?Is evverything out east of cali?the east has alcapone hide outs old abandoned road attractions. abandoned inmense hospitals, underground subway treasure building in downtown with hidden passages ,castles , even better legends. Well you people get the idea. i have walked downtown l.a. in search of legends and the only thing we have in a large amount of old buildings is the lost city of the lizard people.COME ON . In a vast large city their must be some stories , legends , hidden spots , and this is the part that i propose to make a thread (administrators help of course) .To get california's mobster stories, passages or stories of our downtown l.a. , our legends,not just stop there but wheres our good history knowadays you have to truely dig around to find out anything cool out here.Seems like to find witches you got to go to salem.To find out about about passages you go east .Well i have allways loved good stories to look out for.And to start of here goes 2
1) When i was 16 me and my friends used to go to whoudinis mansion 's site, we never went at the day time, but it used to creep us out. you can walk the old walkways of the gardens and their is some sort of legend of a helper who disapered from their .Point is that its haunted. the old garden was large.It never occured to me to pass a metal detector/ems back then.Boy if i could be 16 again.It was around mullholand drive.

2)the legend of the lizard people.Is a story i read about it is a city burried under los angeles downtown.With the head starting at the spot where the public library is and the tail ending at elisian park.their was an expedition made more of a dig . I remember as a child passing by the dig site . My dad said it was for oil .But it was an abandoned dig site.The story goes that when they digged they found caverns and rooms .But it was soon flooded.With the technology we have today cant we check this out?
for a finally .
Has any one heard of the burried caverns under lost angels(i believe) church under the pasadena church?Their suppose to be another entrance somewhere by the freeway entrance? it supposed to be a city also?Or how about the lost city of some old indian tribe in the mojave desert?How about the shammans eye? A sacred place in mojave desert? How about the desert yetti? these are stories that have basis of truth in them. i would like to see more organised threads for our area.Some of us would love to fill the tank up and cruise.And last i leave you with another 2 to research for .the house under the rock .Some guy made a large tunnel under a rock back in the days it supposed to be around the santa clarita area ,and last .How about the lost ship of the mojave it supposed to be around slton sea. anybody cruised that area . Well i hope i give you guys an idea and hope we could make a nice thread of the west coast.Hope to read if you know anything cool .LETS ORGANISE!

03-20-2006, 10:50 PM
Hey Drak,
I've read about the lizard people but I found it on the internet one night so who knows, but pretty crazy huh? Yeah I don't know what to think about all that.

I can also see what you are saying about the threads for this area. There is not a whole lot, but I'm not an expert on the internet, so who knows, but do tell what you find!