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01-18-2005, 07:32 AM
Yes! stories still linger around this old watering hole in Death Valley. The 49ers had stopped at this famous desert oasis on their way to the goldfields of California as .did the ill-fated Bennett-Arcane party. many stories have come out of this barren part of Death Valley just 60 miles s/w of the ghost town of Rhyolite, It is a known fact among us Native Americans, that "Tule Holes" contains something very unusal that (can not) be explained,

We thought the rest of you ghost town buffs and adventures and some of the "Newbies" that like ghost stories and the Parnormal would love this old story that was printed in one of our old west newspaers in our archives.

This story is out of The Bullfrog Miner, Rhyolite Nevada dated March 29, 1907 Henery Gould,and his prospecting party that were returning from D. V. on their way to Rhyolite and had stopped at "Tule Holes" as most did because of the need to replemish their water supply. and when they came up to the water hole they startled and pack of coyotes that had uncovered a body that was to well dressed to be a miner or a prospector, This is just one story that made the headlines of the old west newspapers.

Then in The Bullfrog Miner Dec. 21, 1907 another unusal story. as told by Bill Keyes a good friend of Walter Scott. The headlines read Man dragged 500 feet. One day Mr. Keys was out on one of his prospecting trips when he stopped at "Tule Holes" for water and not being superstitious as for selection of camping spots indicates. He knew of the unusal happenings over the past 300 years but did not even give it a second thought and set up camp and and settled in for the night. And what a night it was. All night he heard all kind of wierd noises, and even saw mysterious lights move all over the valley, and the air seemed full of ghostly sounds like a bullfrog nearby but he knew that there was none around for 300 miles, and moans of people young and old off in the distance, but finally did get some sleep, But when he a awoke the next morning, He realized he had been dragged about 500 feet from the place he made camp, and he could even see the lines in the sand where he was dragged away.

After spending the night in this weired place he couldn't wait to tell someone his experiences. so when he reached Rhyolite he related his story to the editor of the local newspaper but closed with this statment: "I am telling the truth when i say i was dragged accross the wash, and heard a bunch of unearthly and disturbing sounds around Tule Holes.

From all the known events that have transpired in and around "Tule Holes" that can not be explained, we all know that water and shade is the reason why they pause at this the lonely oasis.

"Tule Holes" history holds a lot of unexplained mystries over the last 300 years and should be on everyones must see list, when their visiting in area of the old Eagle Borax Works, and other D.V. Historical Sites. We hoped we spiced up the bullintin board some with a "Tid Bit' of old west history from our old west newspaper history archives.

Johnnie & Sheila
Old West Historians & Researchers

01-23-2005, 05:16 PM
good thread i heard of something lke that.i heard of an arch also thaT HAS SOME INDIAN BELIEF . it suppose to give you a afrodisiac effect. i read of it and lost the web site (hate when that happens ) i am in the lancaster area so i do a lot of exploring .