View Full Version : Spring Safari in Utah

01-18-2005, 07:48 AM
Hey all,
Im tentatively scheduling a "First of the season" safari. Maybe in April or May. This will be a Gold Rush Expeditions sponsored safari, hopefully the first of many. I will be doing a bit of taping of this and the video will be available after the run.
What Im envisioning is a caravan of 15-20 4wd vehicles, and a 2-3 day trip, to explore some lesser known areas. The benefit of the safari is that you get some good experience with your 4wd on some trails that you may fear to tread if you were alone. Additionally, more people = more eyes and maybe something will be uncovered??
I have been scouting an area of interest and there will be more details to come, however I am just curious if anyone on this board is interested in joining up on this. Please post here any thoughts or comments, of interest or not and suggestions as well, or you can email me at: cshuman@goldrushexpeditions.com . I will get the details ironed out by the end of Jan. Thanks!!!

Corey Shuman