View Full Version : Name Of Mine Site Or Town In Montana

03-02-2005, 01:08 AM
I Have Been Going To Montana The Last Couple Of Years During The Summer. And Found An Old Mining Town North On High Ore Road Exit 161 South Of Helena. This Still Has The Mine, Which Is A Drift Mine. The Mining Site Buildings And There Is Winch On The Hill That Goes Down Into The Mine, To Lift The Ore Carts Out On An Over Head Rail That Leads To The Ore Dump. There Is One Person Living Up On The Hill. But Is Never Home To Ask Questions . There Is Still Ore Bag Samples In A Building On The East End Of The Site. Any One Have Any Information On This Please Let Me Know.This is very large mining operation back in its time . Estimated that it may have been operational up until the 1970's. Thanks Edwardw701

08-31-2005, 07:42 AM
You located the mine and town of Comet, in the High Ore mining district. Just before you got to Comet, there is a road that goes to the left up a rather steep looking track. If you take that 'road' you will find the mine of 'Gray Eagle', also part of the High Ore M.D. There are several old cabins in and around 'Gray Eagle', but also some newer summer cabins.
The whole district came close to being wiped out in forest fires a couple of years back.