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03-20-2005, 12:27 PM
Am looking for current information on Vanderbilt. It is south of Ivanpaw off I-15. There was also another town, Barnwell near by. Virgil Earp had a saloon there called Earp Hall. It was the only two-story building in Vanderbilt. True West magazine ran a several page story on the place in late 1964 early 1965. Anybody know its status today????

03-21-2005, 12:10 PM
Last time I rooted around there wasn't any unfriendly at Vanderbilt, but it is a true ghost. There is a residence at Barnwell. Lot's to explore up the canyon between the two. Vandewrbilt is about two and a half miles of dirt road past the RR (Newest of the four Ivanpah's) on your left as you start up the hill. It is fun to follow the RR grade and just hike and root around. Been a coupole years so I don't know what the National Park Service has done, it is in the East Mojave NPS and they have blocked a lot of roads to ghosts I used explore. It is less than a mile walk from the coiunty maintained road so access is not denied. Last time I was there I encounter a trapper so if you bring a dog, keep em on a leash. Happy exploring.