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03-22-2005, 08:16 AM
A friend of mine just lately pick up a few items, that came out of the famouse Pony Express Museum in Arcadia, California. This great Museum was closed down for good in the early 1950s what a treat it was to have the privledge of visiting this very historical landmark many times in the 1940s and 1950s that was available to us here in San Gaberial Valley, in our great state of California, And as i remember there was no addmission charge in those days to visit this very interesting landmark.

The Museum was located on Huntington Dr. just accross the street from the Santa Anita Race Track, If anyone happens to be in the area and would like to know the exact location of this very interesting landmark the museum faced a north/westernly direction and where the street Huntington Dr.and Colorado meet on N/E side of the Race Track and on east side of huntington Dr. there is a row of pine trees that lead right up to the south end of the museum property and these pine trees still can be seen today, just accross the street from the Santa Anita Race track neon sign that is on the N/E side of the parking lot.

There is a hotel on the location now, Why the Historical Society did not step in and have the museum move to a location nearby, is so hard to understand. But in those days some of the population did not care about preserving many of old landmarks as they do today.

As we all know nowadays there is a lot more people that stand up and want to be heard and do object to large corporations moving into town and bulldozing old landmarks to build a Wallmart, or a housing track it seems that $$$ is the motive. Just last year there was a corporation N/W of Los Angles that wanted to bulldoz a 800 year old oak tree just because it was in the path of a road that was to lead into a new houseing tract that was under construction what a shame, they did not even want to consider the idea of going around this old landmark, That was here way before the white man even knew that this part of world existed.

But there was some old landmarks that were saved from the bulldozer like the old Santa Fe Train Station, that stood at the top of Baldwin Ave. on Colorado Blvd. at the eastern end of famouse Pasadena Rose Parade Colorado Blvd. Fame.

But now the exact location is part of east bound traffic of the 210 freeway at Baldwin Ave. and when you exit the freeway and get off at Baldwin Ave. when traveling eastbound is where the R/R station, exact location was located. The orig. R/R station is now located on the south end of the orig. Lucky Baldwin Ranch.

This historical landmark along with the Queen Ann Cottage,and Lucky Baldwins horse stables, are just some of great attractions on the property. Some of our favorite old Hollywood movies were filmed here in and around the lake, and the Queen Ann Cottage was used in the Fantasy Island series, Some Bob Hope movies were made at this location and not to forget the old Tarzan movies staring Johnny Wisemiller was filmed around the lake and jungle aera, but is now listed on the map as the Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Gardens.

The Orig. Santa fe R/R station was just 20ft. north of the Blv. The R/R tracks ran paralllel with Colorado Bvd. And was just north of the race track and just north of the famouse "Lucky Baldwin Ranch" who by the way Lucky Baldwin had built for him and his family, what the heck the Santa Fe was useing that part of his land for for their tracks for their Eastern route through the up coming town of Aracida California.

But i remember when that train station was falling apart just like these old ghost towns, stood there neglected. and very few people cared about historical sites in those days i also remember in the the 1930s the Lucky Baldwins Ranch and all the historical buildings were wide open, falling apart from vandals and neglect also. But now it is a listed as a historical landmark and is cared for by the county of Los Angeles and can be visited daily, and the ranch has a lot of historical buildings still intact, that have been keep up and maintained so the rest of us to enjoy can look back on history of the 1870s when this whole aera was still part of the old west.

getting back to the other Museum I have photos of this old Pony Express Museum, from its begining and hope to have up on on the bulletin board as soon as we can for everyone to enjoy. i have a movie with the orig. owner Parker Lyons, showing the viewers all around the museum made in the 1950s by Paramount Studios shortly after the film was made, the Parmount Studios bought all the contents and anytime you watch a old western there is something in the movie from that museum.

I wrote some early history on this interesting landmark a couple years ago and can be viewed on this page, Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on past postings of this great old landmark by-gone days yesteryear.

Your fellow ghosttowners
Johnnie & Sheila