View Full Version : Humboldt Co. Nevada

03-28-2005, 08:03 PM
Just wanted to thow a bit of info on the mapping of the Buckskin mine on your site. The actual location is about where the 'a' is in 'National' for the ghostown of the same name. National is at the western base of Buckskin Mtn, and the GT of Buckskin is on eastern peak. They're about 5 miles apart as the crow flies.
You mentioned that 'Spring City' was in the Santa Rosa's as well, although I probably knew it as a different name. If so, it is in the Santa Rosa's along with National and Buckskin and is plotted entirely too far east on your map.

03-29-2005, 10:47 AM
Your correct about the placement of Buckskin and while Spring City is a bit to far North by Northeast of Paradise Valley it is close enough. Spring City is about 18 Miles out of Paradise Valley. Spring City is in the same area as Gouge Eye and Bullion. The books claim it was once called Siskron but I believe Siskron was down the canyon about a mile toward Gouge Eye. It ain't been called Siskron since the name of the post office was changed in February of 1879. I think Spring City might have been more properly be called upper Siskron but it is a fun drive in the summer or fall. Once the snow falls, forget it, the road in is an adventure if its slippery.