View Full Version : "Ghost Towns" Program

06-08-2005, 09:05 AM
A program on Ghost Towns of the Rockies, is

scheduled this week.

Check your program guide for

"Pikes Peaks Ghost Towns" and is on, I think on the

(History Channel) And on the (Travel Channel )

there was a segement yesterday on that old mining

site in Oregon, that I wrote about in Sept. 04

"The Ghost Town with a Vortex". Read

about that old mining site

by going to search and write in ghost town with a

vortex. I did not find out about that program

in time to post the information.

But they might show the program again this weekend.

Check your T. V. Guide for that one also, it is listed

under, "The Most Haunted Paces To Visit" and is on the

(Travel Channel)

All this programing is Coming up soon on

Cable & Satilte T. V.

Your Fellow Ghosttowners

Johnnie & Sheila