View Full Version : Programs on Ghost Towns on T. V.

06-20-2005, 10:44 AM
We have been checking with some of the producers, on when they are going to "air" any programs on Ghost Towns, on cable, and satilite T.V.and the information that was pass on to us, is not till Oct. And the name of the Program that is scheduled is "If these Walls Could Haunt" but may be"aired" sooner, We will post any change in programing.

The one we enjoyed last year was "Ghost Towns of Hopes and Dreams" fantasic, film footage of "Bodie" Thanks to California Park Ranger J. Brad Sturdivant, and Ranger Rod Duff, and Philip Varney, and their contribution to the history of it's townspeople, and their homes, and views of the inside of these "gems" of the old west, complete with all their furnishings from the bygone days. It look as if the residents just left the day before. The film also included other ghost towns in other western states. They did say they may be air "Ghost Towns of Hopes and Dreams" again in Oct. But could be sooner.

We did put in a request for more ghost town related sujects to be "aired" before this fall, hopefully they will fit it into their planned programing before mid summer.

Your Fellow Ghosttowners
Johnnie & Sheila