View Full Version : Prince Rupert,BC Area ruins - Cannery & WW2 bunker

08-01-2005, 11:57 PM
Updated: Added details and uploaded a map of Rupert with sites marked on Map.


These are some pictures I took last summer
in and around Prince Rupert, British Columbia
of an old WW2 Watchtower and bunker for watching out for Japanese subs and boats.

This is found about 2 kilometres along the CN rail lines from Fairview Terminal
About 3 more kilometres more there
are a couple of old gun batteries for
guarding the harbour entrance. (Guns are removed)

There is also 1 picture of some ruins of Haysport Cannery about 30 kilometres outside of Rupert
just off Highway 16 along the same CN rail line.

Sorry about the quality, it was a disposable camera.

There is also a old house (50's,60,70's???)
nothing special but there is an old raised wooden sidewalk that is pretty neat to explore, however
I ran out of film. I'll be going back there sometime in the future with a decent SLR.


* Note: 50,000 US soldiers were stationed in Prince Rupert during WW2
to keep the Japanese from invading from the Northwest coast of Canada
(No boats of Submarines were spotted as far as I know)
there's more WW2 ruins around the area including building that are still
in use for business and housing. The Elizabeth Apartments which were built
to house soldiers burnt down this summer.