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08-05-2005, 06:55 PM
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for absolute must-sees in central-southern Alberta? I'm going to Drayton Valley for a family reunion next week and will only be there about five days, but I really want to see some good ghost towns while I'm there. Thanks!
Rachel in Utah ghost_town_huntress@yahoo.com

10-27-2006, 03:38 AM
This is a really old post but I'll give a response anyway.

Orion is a lovely little spot. From the #3 highway near seven persons head south on the 885 and you'll run smack into it after about a half hour's drive. There are a few residents left, and lots and lots of old buildings still standing. I was told by someone who lives in the area that a lot in Orion can be purchased for about $100. So if you want a very unique keepsake contact the county of 40 mile. :p Also between Orion and Manyberries there are lots of old abandoned farms and such that are well worth seeing.

Etizikom is another place well worth seeing. ghosttowns.com could not be more incorrect about this place. Etzikom is still alive and well with several residents still there. Stats canada has the population at 321 so it is hardly a ghost town. But there are several old buildings there in various stages of decay. While there you can see the Etzikom museum. They have a lovely collection of windmills, reproductions of a schoolhouse, hotel, and more. I've never been because I'm usually chasing the light at around dusk or dawn but it's supposed to be good. From Orion just head due west on highway 61 and you'll run right into it. If memory serves it's about 25 minutes from Orion.

Nemiskam is one of the more popular ghost towns in that region. I'm almost ashamed to say however that I've never been able to find it. If you head west down the number 3 from Medicine Hat before you get to Bow Island you will see a sign that say's 'Nemiskam'. Take that road south, and it's somewhere down there. It's not right on that road, but somewhere just off it. I've been told it's before the 40 mile coulie.

Another that I know of is Conquorville. I can't remember the exact road it is on but if you take the 887 south from the number one, you will see a sign pointing you there. It is only a little ways west from the 887. There isn't much left there. An old graveyard, one old farmhouse and barn, and another old shack.

Those are just the locations I've found. There are others. I'm still fairly new at this. But I can tell you that the entire area between the highway 61 and highway 3 is chalk full of interesting places. Old farmhouses and barns are all over that area just waiting to be discovered.