View Full Version : Photo-shoots and directions!!!

08-18-2005, 11:39 AM
hello, i am new to the boards and have a very strong interest in old abandoned towns/graveyards. I grew up near a small city named Stull, in Kansas, which is said to have a haunted church in the cemetary. (It was very cool looking, however only rubble ramains.)

I am planning on taking an 'urban exploration' trip in a few weeks and was wondering if any of you fine people would be able to give me some suggestions on some of the towns that would be more interesting to photograph. I would gladly contribute the photos to the site, if you want me to. I am looking for something in the NE kansas, SE nebraska, SW iowa, NW missouri area. (due to gas prices on the rise i cannot afford to drive too far).

I am seriously considering Spring Ranch, Nebraska but i can't find it on a map. all that showed up was a city called "Deweese". Is Spring Ranch anywhere close to Deweese? Does anyone know if it's okay to go there or if it's private property?

I am also considering: Englewood, KS; Franklin, KS; Olivet, KS; Sumner, NE; Diamond Springs, KS; Prarie City, KS; Parkerville, NE; Angus, NE; Minersville, NE; & Lehunt, KS.

Thanks all for reading! Feel free to e-mail me directly if you wish!