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09-11-2005, 01:53 PM
I toured Clover,Va again this past week.This is as much,or more,a ghost as many Western sites.You see side walks to nowhere,long abandoned homes and businesses.You can see in your minds eye what Clover once was before the highway left it,the railroad left it and industry went elsewhere.Yes,some houses are occupied,but most aren't.There are some great photography shots here.Clover is easy to get to.Right off US 360,in NE Halifax County.The perfect route is to go into downtown South Boston( a real trip into the past in itself),take the old route up to Halifax Courthouse( a must see)then on out the ancient route toward Clover.Can't miss it.To the North ck the map for Charlotte Court House.Easy to get to by going West at Keysville.Further North on 360 are several other near ghosts-Burkeville,Jetersville and if you take the Civil WarTrail W.from Jetersville,you'll find some other near or total ghosts.NC and VA are full of true and near ghost in the "empty quarter" areas.I REALLY should mention that the ONLY time to explore in the sodden,green South is after the leaves fall and the bugs go to sleep for the winter.Plus you will see things that don't show up behind a curtain of green.I was on some back roads today(9-22) S.of Culpepper,between 29 and 15.Ran through several lost villages.Abandoned stores and homes,plus one old inn.Every back road in VA or NC is an adventure.The old cemetaries are often a treasure trove of stories told in stone.

10-11-2005, 02:10 PM
I would like to put up for your consideration,Pamplin City.It lies between Appomattox and Farmville,just off US 460.Take the business route in,go under the railroad tracks at the indicated place.On your left will be downtown.Right side of the street is a long block of utterly abandoned commercial bldgs,some still "furnished".A stately bank bldg anchors the West end.The structures are in various states of repair,but are all intact and interesting.On the other side of the Main St. is a magnificent train station,also in brick.The place has seen a lot of history and was once quite important.Check it out. Another spooky ghost is New Canton.It is East of us 15,just South of the James River.This place actually gives me the creeps. A great ghost trail is from Farmville,N.on US 15 thru Buckingham County,on up to Orange,then straight over to Fredericksburg.The abandoned towns,plantations,gold mines,cemetaries and bloody battlefields are too numerous to mention here.If anyone wants a list-ask.

Jen L
02-15-2006, 09:18 AM
Hi. I'm going to be in VA this weekend and would love a list of places that are great for metal detecting. Locations, directions and approximate ages of sites would be wonderful. I realize that it's a big request, so whatever info you have on anything would be greatly appreciated!. Thank you for your time.

01-01-2008, 08:57 AM
A few miles East of Farmville is the site of Jamestown.This site last had any real use about 1935.It is the subject of a nice article in the Richmond Times Dispatch of this date.It was once a thriving river port on the Appomattox River,with taverns,a theater of some kind,churches,etc.The coming of the railroad nearby-but not close enough,in the 1850's was the doom of the town.Ruins are few,but it is a poignant site worth a vist.