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10-28-2005, 03:12 AM
Just a story to share since it's the right time of year!

Over a decade ago, so the story goes there were a couple of boys playing on a mound of gravel at a nearby sand and gravel operation. One of the boys was sliding down the slope, when suddenly a skull came rolling down.

Investigations determined that there was a cemetary that had been compromised by this operation -the scattered remains had to be recovered and disturbed graves were excavated.

And the rest is 'history' as the research that resulted from some 'oddities' that were apparent in the graves - has become a cult classic ever since.

Evidently, it was noted in one of the graves, that the bones had been 'rearranged'. If you have never seen the discovery channel docu-drama about the 'Vampires in (Southern) New England' or have ever read about the research, I highly recommend it.

So I'm not going to say much more about that because I wanted to share something I learned that you might not see on the TV or read about.

The year after these excavations, I began working in the state archaeologists office, while an undergrad at a local university. I had previously heard a little buzz around campus about the the taping of the show and the excavations - but never heard the whole story.

After the archaeologist told me about everything in detail and it appeared there was nothing left to be said -after a slight hesitation he continued on...

That one of the burials that was found - as he was brushing off the dirt from the wooden cover of the coffin, there he saw the initials 'NB', spelled out with brass tacks, under which was the number '13', also brass tacked.

Then he hesitated once again (I'm thinking, 'yeh, so...what's the big deal about that) and before he said another word ir occurred to me...'NB' are the initials of his name!

Following my disbelief as I surely said 'no sah, your kiddin me' at least a dozen times, he told me there was more. I was baffled until he asked me to guess what day he was born..'no sah'!!!! Yep, on the 13th.

True story. A coincidence of course that he had the same initials as the deceased - a boy who died at age '13'.

Being a serious student of archaeology - I had to have proof, and this story was confirmed by a few I asked who were present at that time.

Later that year - I did finally see the coffin cover prior to the reburial. Sure as heck it was as he claimed.

The vampires in southern new england however - guess you could say that's a true story too ;) .