View Full Version : Curtin Village, Pa

11-09-2005, 07:05 AM
I have just recently taken up an intreset in ghost towns. I personally don't care much for the ghost stories, but Id like to know about the places and what life was like. I was just wondering if anyone knows where Curtin Village is and is it worth stopping by? It's not to to far from me and I could make a day trip out of it. But, I know most places in this area have been torn down and I'd rather not go and find nothing by a pile of rocks.

old judge
11-17-2005, 09:31 AM
Blissful: Try GNIS and take your pick of several locations that may be your site. Don't put in Curtin Village as a place name. Just use Curtin. Get your lat and long, and then use topozone to look at topo maps. OJ