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Watt Noise
01-21-2006, 12:05 PM
I was asked in a PM about how to put photos in your posts on GT.com… Figured I'd pass on the info to everyone as well… Hope it's helpful… This was sent to the query in 2 parts because it can be a bit much to digest for someone that doesn't live on computers like I do… ;)

Part One

Sure - I'll give it a shot for you... My background is photography and computers, so if something I say goes "over your head", just tell me and I'll try to explain it another way... Might be helpful to know what photo editor you are using if the following doesn't explain it well enough for you...

One of the hardest things on this forum is the very limiting file size for uploading pictures, but it is understandable - bandwidth to allow larger files costs money... The file has to be 39.1 KB or less... This means that you need a photo editor that will not only reduce the physical size of the photo (what you see on the screen) but also will adjust the amount of space it occupies on the computer - the file size (compression)...

Most editors have a way of reducing the file size on an options or advanced button when you go to save the photo on your computer... VERY IMPORTANT: Don't re-save your original photo's name because it will reduce the original down to whatever setting you have and the original attributes will be LOST... Always save an edited photo as a different name when you are working with originals...

I use JASC Paint Shop Pro as my editor... A couple of other "top drawer" editors are Corel Draw and Adobe Photo Shop 6 and up... The Adobe Photo Shop that comes with many cameras and scanners is not the same... They're stripped down versions that in many cases are harder to use than the full-blown programs!... Another editor that is free on-line (Download.com) is called IRFANVIEW... Several people I know use this one exclusively for photo editing and I use it from time to time because of some of the features on it... Very easy to use and you can't beat the price - free!...

My rule of thumb on this forum is to reduce the physical size of the photo down to the range of 600x450 to 480x360 (pixels)... Then when I save the photo, I rename it, and compress the photo's file size to no more than 45% to get a file size within the range that the forum will post it (39.1 KB)... Depending on your editor, you may need to do this process a couple of times to get the best results you can - the largest physical size with the least amount of compression that gives the best picture quality within the limitations set by this website (39.1 KB)...

That's it on photo editing... I'll send you another message on actually posting the picture on this forum... Figured this might be better to "digest" in 2 parts... Once you have the photos edited correctly, posting them is pretty simple...


Part Deux

To initiate a post with attached photos:

Click the New Thread button for a post you start.

Click Post Reply button when you're in a post someone else started.

A new window will open in either case.

1. Write a title in the Title Box (only necessary/required if you start a thread).

2. Write the text you want in the Message section.

3. Scroll down to the section called Additional Options.

4. Click on Manage Attachments to attach a photo in your post.

5. A new window called Manage Attachments will appear.

6. Click on the Browse button.

7. Another window called Choose File will open which is actually your file manager on your computer.

8. At the top in the Look In box, navigate to the folder that contains the photo (edited to 39.1 KB or less) you want to attach to your post.

9. Double-click on the photo file that you want to post.

10. The Choose File window will disappear and you will see the photo file's path and name in the File To Upload box next to the Browse button.

11. Click on the Upload button.

12. After a few moments you will see the addition of Current Attachments in the Manage Attachments box.

If you want to add another photo in the same post, repeat steps 6 thru 12.

13. Click the Close This Window button.

14. You will now see the photo files listed in the Attach Files section of the Additional Options box.

15. Click on the Submit Thread or Submit Reply button.

16. It should come right up to your post with the photos attached that everyone will now be able to see.

17. You can navigate back to the forum board or where ever from here.

I hope this helps… Look forward to seeing your pics…


Watt Noise
01-21-2006, 12:38 PM
Photo from Pearce, AZ - Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church circa 1893...

Pic #1: 600x450, 38.0 KB, JPEG Compression 27%

Pic #2: 480x360, 38.7 KB, JPEG Compression 13%

01-23-2006, 02:19 AM
Nice shots, Watt Noise. Pearce is an enjyable day trip for us. Thanks.

01-23-2006, 09:13 AM
Dont forget to send your pictures to us as well so we can post them on the actual town pages


we will be putting an online uploader very soon so they can be uploaded instead of emailed and will post the info there as soon as its up.

04-15-2006, 05:02 PM
Thank you for the info

Watt Noise
04-17-2006, 10:59 PM
I've been meaning to thank GT.com for the recent increase in file size for .jpg photos on the forum... It's now 97.7 KB instead of the 39.1 KB mentioned above... I hope more people will take advantage and post some of their photos...

Watt Noise?