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02-04-2006, 09:18 AM
I grew up in Idaho and lived there 27 years but have never been to Silver City. I will be returning for a visit this summer and would love to take my fiance there. My mother still lives in Idaho and said that she heard the road to Silver City was really bad, dirt road full of pot holes, and not really good to take your car on the road. Has anyone been up there recently and could tell me the condition of the road? Also is there a cemetery in or near the town? I am interested in taking pictures of old cemeteries. I already have a plan to visit the cemetery in Idaho City.

Thanks in advance!


02-04-2006, 08:14 PM
The last I heard the road into Silver City from outside of Murphy has been closed. The area suffered lots of rain and they had a number of slides and washouts. Sheriff Aman was on TV telling people the road was closed and the were estimating that it might be August before it was open. I know they had to rescue some snowmobilers out of the area because for the slides. I would certainly contact the Owyhee County Sherriff's office before venturing forth. Silver City is traditionally snowed in until late April, into May. Also remember that there is a second way in from Jordan Valley OR and there is an excellant road to the Delamar new open pit mine, but the old road between Delamar to Silver City is up the creek and is pretty rough going for a low slung car. Yes. Raven, it has a great cemetary and a neat town. Thanks, Howard in ID

02-05-2006, 06:22 AM
Thanks so much for the info. I will get there someday, somehow! :)

02-06-2006, 07:15 PM
I traveled to Silver City in July 2003 on a return trip from the Seattle area. Yes, there is a rather interesting cemetary in the town. Perhaps my favorite structure is the brewing vat. This is on the next street west of the main one. I have a photo of it submitted on the Silver City section of the site.

Well, I hope the road is repaired. Going from the direction from Murphy it is twenty two miles (according to the sign, but a little less on my odometer) as I recall from the highway and the first seven are paved. When I was there the dirt portion was narrow and rough in some spots, but a passenger car could handle it.

Silver City is definitely a must see.

The old hotel is still in business.


02-07-2006, 11:56 AM
I know the county got the Governor to declare it a disaster area as the road got hit pretty hard. I know that a major bridge over by Oreanna over Browns Creek got washed out too and the county borrowed a Bailey Bridge from the National Guard so people could cross. They will have to wait for the snow to melt and then dry out before they can do much to fix the road. Worth the trip. There is also a cemetary at Fairview, but little in the way of markers.

06-20-2006, 04:50 PM
I'd been wondering about the Silver City road and having a day off yesterday (6-19-06), I headed up that way. The road is open but it sure isn't anything like it used to be. I've lived in Idaho since 1958 and have traveled it many many times, a lot in the last few years. The section that was really ruined was from where the road crosses Sinker Creek at what has been known as the Paul Place (the creek couldn't handle the runoff and dug a new gully next to the creek). It's crossable now. And the section just above that also known as the Scotch Bob Road was really gullied up pretty bad too, taking out some trees it looks like. That section was really pretty good for several years, and allowed you to drive in a few places up to 30 mph or so. Traffic can get through, but it's at a crawl, and there is, at this point, lots of pulling over and backing up to find a wide spot when you meet on-coming traffic. A pain! Good that there's not much traffic. There were washes on both sides of the road nearly 3 ft deep in places. You can see that lots of works has been done. A bunch of culverts have been put it. It looks like there will have to be times when the road will be closed for more repair work, and of course suspect it'll have to be done while it's dried out. Also, turning off of Hwy 78 onto the Silver City road are some new signs. At the old Stage Road (in about 6 miles) is a new sign. At Sinker Creek there's another sign warning that low-slung vehicles, and vehicles pulling trailers etc are not suitable for the road. I'd say that if you're going up there be sure to take a good high clearance SUV of some sort. The further up you go the better it gets, and for the most part the upper end was untouched. There's no snow on the north side in the trees and you can get over the New York summit. The road up to Fairview and War Eagle is open and in the same just-passable shape as always. (That's the first left after NY Summit). I didn't make it from Silver on down Jordan Creek to Delamar etc, but then suspect that it's still the lousy road that it's been since the days horses pulled wagons over it. Suppose we shouldn't gripe about bad roads up there. It keeps the traffic down, I guess. Still Silver is a great great place to visit. Hope it stays the way it is!

07-10-2006, 01:29 PM
Thanks so much for the info. It doesnt sound like we should attemp the drive up there since the car we would have is my mothers Honda Civic. I would still love to see the town. I will be visiting in August and thought it would be a great place to check out. Im sorry that the 29 years I did live in Idaho I never went! :confused:

07-16-2006, 06:09 PM
Was in Silver City a few days ago, guess it was July 12th, but took the very rough 4x4 Black Mt Road from near Reynolds. I got to a spot on the road from Silver up to the New Yok summit and met a sign saying that the Silver City road was closed during the day for repairs. It needed it due to last winter's deluge. So when I started for home I went via Dewey, Delamar, & Wagontown to take the Cow Creek road to Hwy 95. That road is now in much much much better shape than I've ever seen it in nearly 50 yrs in Idaho!! What a pleasure! I've generally avoided the road west of Silver to Delamar area since that road was generally so nasty (lost a muffler on it about ten years ago -- big 4 door low slung Crown Victoria taking relatives to the frontier). Anyway I'm over that now ---- See that there's been a lot of good gravel that's been hauled in for the road, the bed has been widened in many places. The Sinker Creek road from near Murphy being closed must have pressured someone to do something about access to the area. So going in thru Jordan Valley or up Cow Creek to Silver City is a much more desireable option now. Actually it's the only one if you don't want to 4x4 and crawl along. Think a guy might be able to get an old Cadillac into Silver if you backed her up and gave her a good run!!

11-24-2006, 08:38 PM
We missed open house this year in Silver City because of road conditions. They were only open on the weekends because of the roads. In June they were horrible because of the winter snow and heavy rains washing them out. Usually the roads are really nice. Anyhow we called and called to get info for the open house but could never get anyone to call us back. Silver City is awesome. I love it there. I'm drawn to it pretty bad. I've stayed at the hotel and loved it. I even got a poke on the head by the friendly spirit because I don't think he liked me running my video camera. I stopped then and there. I didn't want to upset him. :)