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04-15-2006, 10:00 AM
that's a really flat Land.
If you walk around you see so much of old Day's,you never will see by traveling on Bike or car.
Just passed a farmhouse with old farmbuildings.by looking closer could i see that they made a metalplates over the old Wooden Roof.
historical building?don't know as i didn't sah one to ask.
the same on my Way to the River.
Nice Houce,behind a workshop with many old Car's,and close to the Bushes a old Wooden House with small window and two peaces wooden fence leaning on the Housewall.
got no information,but the nightbour said they conserve it,as it were from anywhere around 1900.
I haven't got the Time to find Information about theres history,but there are much more such old things around.
Just open your Eyes