View Full Version : Silver City Idaho Hotel Unfriendly Place!

07-13-2006, 07:56 PM
My husband, 5 year old daughter and myself have just returned from a trip to Silver City Idaho. We called in advance and made reservations at the Idaho Hotel in Silver City. They were fully aware we had a 5 year old with us. Our trip revolved around taking her horseriding in Silver City. The very first rule we were told by the hotel's daughter (age 13) was not to let our daughter run around or make unneccesary noise on the 2nd floor because it would disturb other guests. Our first night was great (we arrived late afternoon) and our horseride in the morning was amazing. After the horseride we returned to the hotel exhausted. My husband and daughter fell asleep. At 4:00 pm about 10 ATV's (both male & female) drove up and took over the hotel. They were obviously highly drunk, yelling, cussing, making noise like a *******, running up stairs, yelling at tourists on the street...it was incredible. They continued to drink well into the next morning and ruined dinner for us because we all ate in the same room. Long story short. The owner stated it had been a slow season and he welcomed them with open arms. His wife was too chicken to confront anyone. Because I had complained, my husband and I were abused verbally all that night by these rude people and the hotel did nothing to stop it. We were moved to two separate bedrooms on the unrenovated disgusting 3rd floor. I have pictures to prove it. If it isn't a FAMILY place, then they shouldn't have taken our reservations. The Idaho Hotel is nothing but money hungry and couldn't care less about their guests comfort or safety. Don't go there.