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09-09-2006, 09:03 AM
far as I know no one has ever claimed Belcoville N.J. , as a ghost town. But It's a good one. Located just outside of Mays Landing , In Atlantic County Park , on Rt 50. It was a town developed in the early 20th century. (pre-W.W. 1 ) It was developed to provide munitions for the war. There were homes for civilians, soldiers, Goverment officails, and factory workers, as well as large factory buildings for all the weapons and munitions made there . I believe, after the wars it was shut down, semi-dismantled, and abandand. There are still parts of some buildings, many foudations, and factory floors. But it's totally grown over. It's now part of a park which is very nice. The park has many great hiking trails , that are full of suprises, via the town. There is even an artision well still pumping water that was for the town. Word of caution , there are many chigger bugs, and tics, so protect yourself. But it is well worth a visit. Enjoy, Burt

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