View Full Version : Ghost Towns in Ocala Natl Forest, FL

09-09-2006, 06:03 PM
About a month ago I searched out the ghost towns of Kismet and Kerr City in Ocala National Forest. For all intents they are both gone.

Kismet is now "Shockley Heights" a little area of disheveled houses, trailers, and unfriendly southern folk. The only remains of Kismet is a graveyard, and even with that the headstones have been removed. We would have looked around for it but Shockley Heights is not very hospitable. The Ghosttowns.com description says to ask for directions at the General Store, but that place looked pretty scary.

Kerr City is all completely fenced in, with "Private Property" and "No Tresspassing" signs everywhere. Not to mention cameras on some of the drives leading up to the gates. I guess there must have been trouble there at some point, because whatever is left now is unreachable.