View Full Version : HO!! For Jarbidge (Nevada)

David A. Wright
10-31-2006, 08:14 PM
I've added a new 4x4 Trails page to my website. This page takes you to Jarbidge, Nevada; located in the isolated and rugged northern part of Elko County.


This narration takes you from Elko to Jarbidge, then meanders through the vicinity of the remote village and even a bit north to set your tires inside Idaho.

Not a patch of pavement for miles around, Jarbidge is wonderful place to spend a week. High mountains covered with dense forests of tall conifers and aspens, deep and narrow chasms with rushing streams. Not stereotypical Nevada at all, but more akin to the Rocky Mountain states.
There's nearly 240 photos on this page, as well as details about places to camp, lodge and eat in Jarbidge; as well as a bit on Jarbidge history. As usual, suggestions to locate more information on the Net and in books.

The page is located HERE. (http://www.gbr.4wdtrips.net/4x4/jarbidge.html)