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11-20-2006, 11:40 PM
Hello everyone! I'm new to this whole ghost towning thing, but I really have been enjoying it and have visited a couple over the past few months. I live in Northern California (Sacramento) and so I have a feeling that only people from this area or people that are real experienced with ghost towns will be able to answer my first question. My second, I think a lot of you might know. Any help would be great!

#1 My friends and I want to go visit a ghost town somewhere in the state of California, but we want to be able to camp there for a night (legally) and we want it to have at least a few original structures. We don't want to drive a long way just to see one old church or something, and we really do want to camp there (not just around there). When I went to see Bodie in Mono County this summer, it was great and all but we weren't able to actually camp there as it is a National Park. We spent a day there but camped about 15 miles away. I think it would be fun to actually camp in a ghost town. Do you know of any towns like this that still have a fair amount of stuff to look at? Any help would be great.

#2 We are also interested in seeing a totally deserted (not just partial-ghost) town that is a little bigger and more modern. You know, something from the 50's or 60's where there are still a lot of houses and maybe even stop lights and stuff that are just toaly abandoned. If there is a town that is particularly interesting anywhere in the US, we were even thinking of flying there this spring (if it's far away) so that we could see it. Does anyone know of a town that might be worth all that effort and matches my description?

If you guys have an answer to one or both of these, e-mail me at Jordan1@lanset.com or just respond here I guess... I'm really excited about exploring these old towns more, so I could use all the help I can get! I've driven to some ghost towns that just wind up being a pile of rubble, so I guess I'm posting this to get advice from people that have been to worth-while towns. Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you. :)