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Mini Me
01-21-2007, 07:09 AM
For anyone travelling through western Texas I thought I might post a couple of towns that might add some intrest to your trip. First is the town of Kent. Situated on I-10 exit 176. The town has several building, the most interesting is the shool which sits on the south service road of the interstate. Next is Toyah about 30 miles east of Kent on I-20. The town has a small population and a couple of years ago suffered a flood which destroyed two of the towns older buildings, the bank and general store. I believe the safe from the bank is still intact on the remains of the foundation. The best structure is the school, still intact and made from red stone quarried from around Barstow. School dates from the 1920's. About 15 to 20 miles further up I-20 you will find Pecos and Barstow. By no means a ghost Pecos still has many interesting abandoned homes and businesses. Just exit on to business 20 to go through downtown. Staying on business 20 drive to Barstow, again not a true ghost but it has a population of about 400 and some great abandoned structures in it's downtown. From business 20 turn north across the railroad tracks on the only street into Barstow and you are in downtown. For the ones going down I-10 stop in Fort Stockton. Again not a true ghost but the town has many old structures through out the downtown area. The town also has the old fort near the downtown area as well. One must see sight in Fort Stockton is the old sutlery. The building dates to 1859 and was originally the store for the fort. Considered to be haunted the building has been used as a morgue in the past as well as the location for several hangings. Inquire locally to the location of the building. Finally a true ghost Fort Lancaster. A state historical sight Fort Lancaster is located on I-10 exit 325 just follow the signs. Established before the civil war Fort Lancaster was built to help protect travelers heading to California. A nice visitors center explains the forts history. The fort is only foundations now but not heavily visited. Continue east on highway 290 to drive up to a senic overlook, or better yet exit off I-10 at exit 343 and drive west to the fort on 290 and enjoy the sudden dropoff unexpectedly. I hope that these stops will make your trips a little less boring. West Texas is full of ghost from the late 1800's to the early 1900's most have a small population a few are complete ghosts. If there is any intrest in this thread I'll post some more out of the way stops.