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01-22-2007, 09:47 AM
Looking for ghost towns in New England. Great way to spend a photography weekend.

Also, looking for log cabin in southern shoreline of CT to buy and live in.

Any information - email me.

09-01-2008, 03:55 PM
Depends on where you are in CT, fellow dead village hunter. There are some good ones there.;)

10-01-2008, 06:39 PM
If your buying on the southern connecticut shoreline then you're in luck! there are 2 ghost towns on the southern shoreline of connecticut... one is pleasure beach which is a 2 mile long modern-day ghost town that was abandonned in the mid to late 90's do to arsonists burning down the bridge to the mainland... it is accessible by boat and land from a trail that begins in the village of lordship and end in pleasure beach. http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/ct/pleasurebeach.html another ghost town on the sothern ct shore is cutties island, it is not listed on this site and it is a small island with 3 abandonned buildings off the shore or stamford or darien if I recall... it is accessible by boat and Ive been to it before, my grandfather took me to it on his boat and its realy nice but there are areas of it that have very slippery rocks that are hard to get up from if you fall on them so walk with caution when landing on the island... also there is a large densly-forested swampy island sort of far off the coast of norwalk that has afew abbandonned building on it I belive... I forget the name of the island but ill look it up. if you need any dirrections to any of these islands then PM me!