View Full Version : Ghosttown in Smoky Mountains

Gary Weaver
02-16-2007, 06:34 PM
If your driving into the Elkmont camp ground the road splits. Right goes to the Elkmount Camp ground. Left goes to a parking area where you can hike 2 different trailes. Right of the parking area is a dirt road with a sign that says keep out. If you walk down the dirt road about 1/8 mile and turn left you come to a complete town that was built in the late 1800s. There is a motel, saloon, lots of houses and building. Houses are all 1 room houses no bathrooms no running water no electricity. The town is now owned by the National Park service and has been kept up and secret for many years paid for by your tax dollars. The park service is now considering making the ghost town a place for people to stay and see. They want to make the houses available for hikers and or campers to spend the night. They want to rent out rooms in the motel too. It seems there is no $$$ yet so nothing is happening. If you ask the park ranger at the visitor center they will tell you all about the town. 3 years ago the park service refused to admit the town exists. I hiked through the town and looked around last summer. Some of the buildings are being used by the park service to keep things like tools, shovels, etc. I filled out a questionary that ask my what I think the Park service should do about the town. Some people seem to think the houses and motel should all be equiped with running water, bathroom, and electricity. There is another ground that wants the town, motel, building, houses to remain as they are. The park service seems to think if the town remains as it is it will be less of an attraction and will NOT rent to hikers and campers and NOT make the park service any money. While at the same time there is a group that claims is you leave the town as is it will be more of an attraction. I voted leave the town as is. Anyone can vote. If you go the Great Smoky Mountain National Park online do a search you can find out more about the town and place your vote.