View Full Version : Milford City passing resolution to ban mine closures

03-09-2007, 06:18 PM
Just an update for those interested. As some of you may know, OGM and BLM have been planning to close most all of the mines in the Milford city area, this includes the Star Range, Frisco and Newhouse. These are huge sites with a lot to offer. We met with the city council on Tuesday night and made a proposal to stop the closures, no letters, nothing nice.. we want to take it right to court, suing both the BLM and OGM to block the closures permenantly. Well, it went over quite well, they accepted our initial proposal and made a resolution to take affirmative action to stop the closures with GRE driving the efforts. Our next step is meeting with the Beaver county commision to get county buy in on this. We will be presenting a proposed plan of action to the city council on the 20th, outlining the actions needed to move forward and hopefully getting the county commision behind us on this. This is a huge deal and will likely lead to a landmark decision of marking mines and mine sites as historic areas which cannot be closed or disturbed. Ghosttowns.com has been very supportive of GRE so we just wanted to pass this good news along to the community. We will update as the motions progress. Just goes to show that change starts with just a few people dedicated to an idea. if you need anymore info, well, I think everyone knows the site.

03-09-2007, 06:58 PM
Corey, Good luck and please keep us posted. A landmark decision at this point might lend some credence to the rest of us to help argue our points as well.