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07-04-2007, 06:17 PM
My name is Mike and I visited Copper City, Washington two days ago. Copper City is located in Yakima County, Washington near Bumping Lake off Highway 410. The Bumping Lake Sign is clearly visible, I came from the East on 410 and itís about 12 miles west of a Restaurant called Whistling Jacks. Entering the park you keeping driving straight youíll pass Goose Praire Inn on your right (7up sign) keep going straight , youíll come to a fork, continue straight onto NF 1808 (marked). Follow NF 1808 until you hit a Road Closed Until Further Notice. Youíll have to walk from here a long ways, 8-11 miles. Youíll pass 2 major washout areas and 3 trees that block the road. You keep going until you come to the Copper City sign. (on the right). We almost gave up. Take plenty of water, snacks and mosquito spray. The area is being cleaned up by the Forestry Service and they are building hiking trails and areas for the public. Well worth the trip. My advice is to go early in the morning so you can enjoy your time at the sight. It is not accessible from Nov-early June due to park closure and snow. There is a collapsed building, the mining operation is still there but in ruins and filled in by the park services. Hereís some pictures. Hope this helps others. I have more photos, please e-mail me at bigscreenpresentations@msn.com