View Full Version : Oregon Mining Districts and Towns

10-19-2007, 07:05 PM
New to the board so first off I'll say hello.:D I was wondering if anyone else on the board is familiar with the Southern Oregon Mining Districts and the hidden history behind it? I have purchased several books and maps of this area. I also have put in a lot of dirt road hours also. The last find that I encountered was a Stamp mill and the remains of 2 cabins with possible more if I just took the time to look around a little longer. This area was know as the Gold Bug mine, It was circa around the late 1800's, I also found two small audits I entered one of them that lead back about 100 feet. Also found some gold while I was there too. I looked in the directory for ghost towns and found nothing for the coast or the towns of Southern Oregon. Anyone else have some information on the towns there?