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03-03-2008, 02:48 PM
A feature found from on maps from 1876 to 1893. Mail was for Fork's Road was sent to Mohave, Arizona as late as 1901. Referred to as Forks Head on some maps. This apparently once populated place is shown in earlier maps at the bend in the Old Government Road (Mojave Road) from Fort Paiute to Fort Mohave. Another road is shown continuing straight east from Forks Road to Hardyville. One might think the name represented a fork in the road but the possessive on Fork may also be a settler, proprietor or otherwise important resident. Later maps only show Forks Road as a locale on the road from Paiute Valley to Hardyville neglecting the old Mojave Trail.. While I have explored this area extensively, I've not found evidence to indicate a locale with sufficient residents to be recognized for mail service even if it was routed to general delivery at the nearest official post office located some 10 miles across the Colorado River.

03-03-2008, 05:01 PM
Bob, Is that area located on Indian Reservation land?

03-03-2008, 06:19 PM
Not really, it is as best I can determine on the old government road also called the Mojave Trail. I am not a big collector of Dennis Casebier and the Friends of the Mojave Road who have published loads of books on the old road. The area where it is overlooks the AVI reservation but that is down by the river and this is up just east of the divide between Piute Valley and the Colorado River. If you take 95 north from 66 you can see the OLD trail coming accroos the valley from the Fort Piute and Landfair Valley and you turn east will still in California. You enter Nevada before reaching the crest of the hill and I suspect it is about a mile and a half after that crest. There a bunch of power line, gas line and ATV trails around there and the old road has been best quessed by the Friends of the Mojave Road but I think they have taken a later route a half mile south of the original road. That is just my take on the whole thing. It is beautiful right now with lots of spring greenup and still to cool for the Mohave-Greens to be out. My dog and I explored a bit there Saturday after a M/C race. I have attached a couple older map showing how the roads were confingure in 1939. I would think the location would be at the bottom of page in the section with the word "STD" in it. The highway shown "To Needles" is the old Nevada 5 which became US 95 but that is the original route, not the way it goes now. The two points of interest iare the Govt Road and B P 136 at the border. I was hoping someone who knows the Mojave Road might have som insight. Just thought this was a good way to start are research thread as it appears we won't get a forum :)