View Full Version : My trip to Cleator, AZ & Cleator Days March 29th

03-10-2008, 01:38 PM
I've recently started the ghost town hunt. This past weekend, my trip took me through Bumble Bee, Cleator, and Crown King, AZ. I had decided to stop in Cleator for a drink at the bar and to relax. As I was enjoying my drink, I listend to some facinating conversation between the caretaker Dave and some guests. As I was about to leave, someone came in and said the road to Crown King was blocked by an accident and itd be an hour or so for the road to clear.

So I decided to wait it out. Im glad I did. The town's info can be found on this site. The bar is open on weekends. The hours are..."As long as we have customers." I got to know Dave and his wife a bit, and I guess they took a liking to me since thye offered me their bunkhouse for the night. I respectfully declined (I had to be in town early).

Anyway, on the 29th they are having their annual Cleator Days/ Old West Festival. As thye explained its going to be a day full of music, beer, horshoes, and quick draw competitions. If you are free, stop on by, the bunk house has been reserved, but Dave told me I could camp on property with a tent.