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08-03-2008, 03:20 PM
To all:

It has become apparent that we have an increase in spammers targeting members behind the scenes via PM's (Private Messaging). Since we can't read your private mail, and the spammers steer clear of us; we have no way of knowing who is doing it to whom. Please feel free to forward any of these messages to me directly. To be fair, I need to see the message to be sure it's spam to act on it, and not just two people bickering.

I frequent the board numerous times a day when not at work or on vacation, so I can usually act quickly to curb them.

You could also likely direct them to Todd (user name- ghosttowns.com) if I haven't responded within a day or two of your message.

If you are unsure of how to forward the messages, I've created a post with step by step instructions.

As far as any spam that is posted on the public forums, you may message me on them as well, though I usually get those taken care of the same day; so there's no big concern there.

Thanks for your help.

08-03-2008, 03:45 PM
There are a few ways to send a PM or forward a PM message to another member. *You must be registered and signed in (no guests) to contact via PM*

To send a message:

Simply click on the name of the member which will bring up their public file. On the right side, under Contact Info there will normally two links. One is for Private messaging, the other is to contact by email. It should look like so:

Send a message via email to GaryB (http://forums.ghosttowns.com/sendmessage.php?do=mailmember&u=764)
Private Message:
Send a private message to GaryB (http://forums.ghosttowns.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=764)

Simply click the private message link and the PM screen will appear. You type in your message just as you would a post in the public forum. Then click Submit Message to send it to the person you selected. You can also add user names by typing them in within the Recipient Username field to send them to multiple members.

To forward a message:
You can either copy and paste the original message in the message field while using the above mentioned way. Or, by clicking the Forward link in the lower right hand corner of the original message to you. That will in turn open the PM window and you will have to manually type in your recipients names.

Lastly, when signed in, you will see a link labeled Private Messages in the upper right hand corner of any screen under your user name and log in status. By clicking that link, you open your inbox folder screen and PM menu. On the left, there will be a link under Private Messages labeled Send New Message. By clicking that link, you will open the Send new PM listed above, in which following any of the aforementioned directions will get you through.