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07-01-1998, 04:41 PM
Originally posted by Daniel

: I wanted some information on accessible ghost towns.
: I drove to Garnet from Drummond and it was a narrow switchbak that
: stressed me out...when I got there was a few hundred people there
: eating corndogs and walking around the sites while the man on the PA
: announce the winning numbers.
: The ride back was longer but it was much easier.
: I was planning to go to Castle and Granite towns in MT and was wondering
: if someone can tell me what are the roads like.

07-30-1998, 02:29 AM
Originally posted by Rob

: :Hello, my name is Rob, Like yourself I have been exploring montana's ghost towns, I happened on it by chance when I mentioned itto a fellow camper, she too had an interest in real ghost towns, she recommended going up to Garnet Montana, well we also ventured on the horriffic switch back stage coach road, we thought at the point when your on the side of the cliff and a mine is on your right and behind you is a tight turn and sheer drop,you know the one, we thought if we slowed we would die. well since then I have explored Virginia City, and Dakota City, Montana they lie about 130 miles NW of The west entrence of Yellowstone, must go back for another look, Easy Road Easy road sines, if you are interested in what I just discussed please E-mail me at rmcarthy@spiritone.com, Looking forward to your reply, your fellow Montana ghosttown buff comrad from Portland,Oregon, Rob:)

02-24-2000, 05:47 PM
Originally posted by Emmy

: I am writing a report on the Ghost Towns of Montana. My question is why are Ghost Towns important? What significance do they have? How many Ghost Towns are there in Montana? What is the date of the last Ghost Town was deserted?