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just some guy
12-06-2011, 03:21 PM
Does any one know where the different division insignias are here. i believe there are 4 different ones on the ground spelled out with white rocks. We paid a visit to camp Bouse last weekend and could not find these. i was a little bummed not to find them. thanks for any info.

01-07-2012, 05:23 PM
I was recently at Camp Bouse and the stone insignias are still there. I used the photos posted up of the camp at this website to help in locating the markers. Pay attention to the vegetation and the backgrounds shown in the photos. Perhaps the photos at my webpage may be of use.
For those not familiar with Camp Bouse, it was a top secret WWII tank training base established in western Arizona by General Patton. Its purpose was to test and develop tanks carrying 13 million candle power arc lighting systems. The lighting systems were mounted in modified turrets that had shutters that opened and closed 6 times per second. The strobing effect was to disorient enemy fighters. The concept proved effective but very few if any of the tanks ever saw any battle action. At one time there were 5500 soldiers at the base including 6 tank battalions, an armored infantry battalion, an ordnance company and a station hospital. The base was abandoned in 1945.
The photos are: current Google Earth view of the main Bouse Camp site; one of the stone insignias marking the headquarters of the 554th HM Ordnance Company; one of the twin “cross” insignias marking the location of the base chapel; and a photo of one of the modified Grant tanks carrying the C**** Defence Lighting system. The lighting system was also dubbed “Gizmo”.
There are many more photos at:

www.azbackcountryadventures.com/bouse.htm (http://www.azbackcountryadventures.com/bouse.htm)

01-08-2012, 08:44 AM
Cool. Thanks for the post........Speedy

09-02-2012, 06:47 AM
Speaking of Camp Bouse –
Has anyone checked out the “Tank Track” grid lines shown on “Google Earth” at coordinates: N33 49.686 W114 04.984 ?
The complexity of the tracks would indicate that another large military camp was positioned there in a similar fashion as “Camp Bouse”.
We had briefly checked out this area last winter with ATVs, but could not discern any grid pattern at ground level. However, there were plenty of Tank Tracks still remaining on the ground – especially where the Tanks we’re making a sharp turn.
Anyone visiting the Bouse area may want to check out this Grid area. You will probably need an ATV to get to the site.