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07-29-2012, 06:18 PM
I noticed on the Ghosttown.com ghost town locator that there was someone looking for information about Pinos Wells, New Mexico. I hope no one minds that I'm posting this here as I saw no contact information on the main page. Since I'm new to this ghost town hunting and I also live here in New Mexico, I will try to make it to Pinos Wells and take a few pictures. This is some information that I have gathered on the town.
The Homestead Act established a process by which any U.S. citizen could lay claim to Government land, provided they would live on the land, improve it, grow a crop. The area had farming activity which created a need for stores, schools, and churches.

The first settlers in this area were Isidoro Lucero, Jose Rufindo Chavez and Antonio Salas. Salas had two wells near two pine trees, so Pinos Wells was chosen as the name for the community.

Due to drought and scarce natural vegetation, many of the original homesteaders did not stay on the land long enough to fulfill their claims. Pinos Wells used to have a couple of stores, two saloons , a rooming house, the area's first Post Office, a church and many residents. All that remains today are a few residents and a small cemetery other than that, it is pretty much a ghost town in the middle of nowhere. There is also a large salt lake you can see from Pinos Wells.

To note also this town was the site of the only political assassination in New Mexico. It was here that former Rupublican Congressman Jose Francisco Chaves was murdered and his assasin was never found.