View Full Version : Osiris Utah?

07-17-1998, 10:57 AM
Originally posted by ryan crockett

: Does anyone know anything about Osiris Utah. It is about 10 miles south of Antimony in Southern Utah.

08-13-1998, 02:06 PM
Originally posted by steve in so az

: Ryan - I was in Antimony 10 days ago. I didn't get to Osiris but went to Whitsoe ( 10 miles down the road ).I went there from a different direction so didn't pass Osiris. I didn't find any thing with my detector there. There are 7-8 buildings yet and also a real estate co is selling lots near there calling it Whitsoe Junction. I have a couple of pics on what's left of Osiris and it isn't much, a building or two. I spent5 weeks in that general area and didn't find much. Caught a lot of trout though. See ya, Steve in so az