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04-06-2001, 07:41 AM
Originally posted by CAT RIPLY

: I agree that the situation was really ugly and bad news. I have posted an update from BLM here on this site, you might check it out. All though any information that you can find out would certianly be awsome so that perhaps some day we can return, before everything is gone. I guess the further into the canyon you go the better it gets, i.e. some really old houses, that are in whole and intact and very historic and famous, according to BLM.

: Not this coming weekend, but perhaps April 14,15 my son and I thought about going a searching once more, and with your offer it sounds ideal and would be interested in linking up, if you are available.

: Here is my email address for direct/private contact "mrguy33@yahoo.com"

: Thanks for the input and offer, its greatly appreciated.