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05-04-2001, 07:28 AM
Originally posted by G. Fischer

: I have just read all of the messages that where posted regarding Rhyolite, and I think that everyone has missed one very important thing here. That is at least we all now have a good link to more indepth information regarding this ghost town.

: My other thoughts on these messages was that Im disappointed! I know we are all humans and with emotions, but everyone needs to remember we all have one goal in common here and that is the pursuit of learning and teaching about ghost town history and locations.

: Out of everyone leaving messages, I only know Bad Bob from extensive Emailings in the past,and I DO KNOW THAT HIS INTENTIONS ARE ONLY NOBLE AND HONORIBLE.

: Everyone take a breath, shake hands and give some space and come back as friends, as this is what we are all here to be.

: Different Subject, if you have not visited my web site, then check it out, "www.geocities.com/mrguy33/CAL-NEVA_GHOSTTOWNS.HTML"