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07-18-2001, 09:34 PM
Originally posted by G. Fischer

: Hi Everyone,

: Long time no talk, but I do check in every so often to see what the latest gosip is.

: Well the kid and I have been sorta kinda busy on the road and have managed to make it to Oregon and saw Buncom. We just recently got rid of the 99 Dodge P/u and bought a 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee so we thought we should break it in the right way, so we took a trip to Eastern Nevada and saw Pine Grove, Bodie, and Masonic, we where not able to make it into Aurora as we got lost, the road y'd and we were not sure which way to go, we also tried to make it to dunderberg, but could not find this location either, but had one heck of a good time and the Jeep performed flawlessly.

: We have come to the conclusion a GPS is a must for anyone that is truly into finding some of these locations as simple Topo maps and directions dont cut the mustard, but hey what the heck we are out doors and enjoying the wonders of land. During our trip we where lucky enought to see a coyote (sp)(wolf dog)...laughing, and bunches of cows, a few sage hens and even ran across a mountian lions tracks...yikes.

: As normal the pictures have been a bit delayed in getting to our web site but keep checking back as I am hoping to have them up within the next week.

: So anyone have any new great sites to share that might be in the eastern to northern nevada, or California? Obviously the more remote the better.

: Take care and look forward to hearing from you all.

: Guy and Zachary

: Cat and Riply we certianly should have rang your line as we would have had a blast.